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Motorcycle pre / post ride check

Before embarking on a ride it is a good idea to give your bike a quick what’s over to make sure that everything is working properly.

What do you want to check?

Tires: Generally you want to check the condition of your tires, without them you aren’t going any where.

  • Are there any embeded objects (nails, screws, glass etc), which can cause air loss?
  • Is there enough tread left on your tires? Bald tires might be ok on a dry day but what if you encounter wet roads?
  • Is the tire pressure correct? Improper tire pressure can cause problems ranging from slight handling irregularities to tire failure.

Chain/ Drive belt:

  • Chain – proper tension, lubricated, rust and kink free
  • Drive belt – free of cracks and frays


  • Do the cables move smoothly?
  • Are the cables frayed anywhere?


Are all the lights on the bike working? Head lights, Brake lights, Tail lights, and Signals It is not a good time to find out that your headlights aren’t working properly, when you are miles away from home and it is getting dark

Fluids: Are the fluids in your bike at the proper levels?

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid

Although the pre-ride check is good at spotting potential problems before you get underway, it does little if there is a problem before you are ready to go.

The post-ride check is the same as the one you do before leaving for a ride; the only difference is when you do it. Doing a post-ride check has one advantage over the pre-ride check, time. If you notice that a part needs to be fixed or replace you could have more time to do so, before your next ride. The only drawback however to doing an after ride check, is if you have been on a long ride and do your check when you are fatigued or it is dark, you could miss something. That is why I do a post-ride check when I get home and a quick pre-ride check, before I go on my next ride. Just in case!