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Motorcycle Basics: Motorcycling is a thrilling sport. Ride Safe!

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and challenging sport. Being on two wheels on your favourite road gives you a feeling that you just can't get in other vehicles. A motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom, and being a part of your surroundings instead of watching it from inside a metal box on 4 wheels. There are probably a number of people out there who see motorcycles on the road when the weather turns warm, and wonder what it takes to be able to do it themselves. They have an interest but are discouraged because they don't know how or where to start. Another reason could be that they have taken the first few steps but have questions that need to be answered. Where can they get the answers that they need? The answers are just a click away….

This website was developed to provide a place where anyone can find the information that they seek on the basics of Motorcycles. Where they can ask any question without feeling insecure or awkward. This site deals with the different aspects of motorcycling.

Getting A License

Getting a License
Rider Safety Training and Motorcycle Licensing information

Looking For Insurance

Looking for Insurance?
Motorcycle Insurance information

Buying Tips

Buying Tips
Motorcycle Buying tips and information for new and experienced riders